Told by Stephanie Holman
Sponsored by Storytelling Arts of Indiana and the  Indiana Historical Society
Sharing Hoosier History Through Stories Series

Sunday, October 19, 2014
2 - 3 p.m.

Monroe County Public Library
303 E. Kirkwood Ave
Bloomington, IN 47408

More information call 812-349-3050

M1030_SKELTON_HOLDING_DOUGHNUTCompressed_1This well-known quote was the nightly closing remark to twenty years of beloved television. Red Skelton was a part of America’s evening routine. His voice also rang out over the radio and his face romped across the movie screens.  But nothing would have been viewed or heard from Red without his early training in 1920’s Vincennes,Indiana.

Skits formed at the street corner while hawking newspapers, dressing as a clown for the local YMCA circus, and pratfalls from a Medicine show wagon or a Vaudeville stage were all early training. In the 1930’s, Showboat cruises, Walkathons and Nightclub work had him creating humor night and day.

These experiences and his teenage marriage to his first wife Edna Stillwell would lead to a partnership that created his best known skit, a skit that would catapult them to fame in every medium available at the time. And it all started  in his boyhood home on Lyndale Avenue.

This program is part of the Sharing Hoosier History through Stories collaboration between the Indiana Historical Society and Storytelling Arts of Indiana. Past stories include Rollin' Down the Avenue told by Deborah Asante, Diggers and Dreamers told by Bob Sander, Tumultuous Times: A Working Life told by Lou Ann Homan, Porch Swings & Prairie Wings: Lives of Rural Indiana Women told by Sue Grizzell, What a Woman: Alice Hamilton told by Cynthia Changaris, Mr. Civil Rights of Indiana told by Deborah Asante, the Search for a Place and a Time to Paint: Historical Women of the Brown County Artist Colony told by Stephanie Holman, The World Does Move: The Life and Times of Booth Tarkington told by Liza Hyatt, Leap of Faith: The Promise of Robert's Settlement told by Bob Sander, At Home and in Harm's Way: The Role of Indiana Women in the Civil War told by Sharon Kirk Clifton, Safe and Sound: Letters to Follow. told by Stephanie Holman, Of the People: Stories & Images of Abraham Lincoln told by Hope Baugh, Root Doctors, Midwives and Fried-Mice Pie told by Sue Grizzell, Steamboat Tales told by Kevin Stonerock, Stars of Indiana: Hoosier NASA Connection told by Bob Sander.

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