Teaching Aids

Aaron Shepherd's Storytelling Page

Links to Aaron's stories to retell, a simply worded "Tell a Story" e-guide for students or teachers, and other storytelling resources. Go to Aaron's Indexes for dozen's of stories and reader's theatre scripts arranged by title, age, geography, ethnicity, etc.

The Academy Curriculum Exchange

Links to scores of language arts and social studies lesson plans that integrate storytelling and writing, such as:

Free Books and Guides

Links and resources on the art of storytelling.

Literary Terms

Alphabetical index of terms linked to explanations with copious examples. Samples: alliteration, imagery, onomatopoeia, rhyme, and rhythm; setting, characterization, and plot. Great reference for students in gr. 7-12.

Story Arts

Wonderful resource: “Storytelling in the Classroom,” “Lesson Plans and Activities,” “Curriculum Ideas and Exchange,” and “Story Library,” plus articles, links, and storytelling store.

Story Map

Printable graphic organizer for story development or retelling.

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